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Faith Goldy is a former Reporter for The Rebel Media. Faith was let go from The Rebel Media for agreeing to an interview on a "Daily Stormer" podcast with Robert "Azzmador" Ray shortly after the Unite the Right rally. She had gone to the rally after Ezra "Rebel Commander" Levant directed her "not to go in any capacity". He was going to give her a "second chance", but then he found out about her having accepted an interview on the "Daily Stormer" podcast and decided "it was just too far".[1][2]

Does she endorse the Alt Right?

In an Interview with Free Bird Media Canada on 14 November 2017, Faith was asked if she endorsed the Alt Right "outright". She responded: "No, I didn't endorse the Alt Right outright [in Charlottesville], so to speak, um, and I think most Members of the Alt Right don't see me as Alt Right, it's just the same chattering Classes that label People like Robert Spencer and Pamella Geller Alt Right who say that".[3]


Faith is an Eastern Catholic.[4]


Loses PayPal-Account

In July 2018, while visiting Family in Prague, Czech Republic, Faith checked her PayPal-Account and discovered she had been permanently banned.[5]


Quotes about her

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